An efficient heating system is extremely necessary for your household and office. More so, if you live in an area where the temperatures often dip below the comfort level, then you would need the right kind of heating system. Amongst the popular choices that you have in the market, the gas ducted heating system is very popular. It is environment-friendly, safe and effective. So, let us first understand what is meant by a gas ducted heating system.

All You Need to Know About a Gas Ducted Heating System

A heating system that depends on multiple gas ducts placed in convenient locations throughout the premises is called a gas ducted heating system. This system is powered by gas, and it consists of indoor units which are connected via ducts. Such systems are compatible for use in residential and office complexes of any shape or size. The ducts are usually fitted into the walls or the ceiling of the premises to provide a proper outlet.

Now, before you choose the gas duct-based heating system for your home or business, it is essential to be fully aware of the advantages and disadvantages that accompany the system. You might have to take factors like your budget, the area of heating, the technology employed et cetera into consideration before choosing the right kind of system. This will help you to properly evaluate your decision and ensure a profitable return on investment (ROI).

Advantages of a Gas Ducted Heating System

Let us begin with some prod of a gas duct-based heating system:

  • The initial cost of installation reaps long-term benefits, ensuring a high ROI for the user.
  • When it comes to the efficiency of this system, then the gas ducted system is faster and effective. The temperature regulation is efficient and the heating, as well as the cooling process, is smooth. Thus, very little time and energy are consumed by this system to reach the desired room temperature.
  • If you need heating for a larger area, then the gas ducted heating system is effective. Further, it can be installed to cater to specific rooms or areas of a house. Thus, it is customizable and hence, extremely convenient for varied usage.

Disadvantages of a Gas Ducted Heating System

However, as we all know, no system is flawless. A gas duct-based heating system comes with its share of flaws. Some of its disadvantages are as follows:

  • The carbon footprint left by this system is high. As a result, many users prefer the energy-efficient hydronic system of a gas duct-based heating system.
  • Usually, the quality of heating provided by such systems is not consistent. Since the heating depends on the passage of heated air throughout the room through convection, the area close to the heater is often a few notches warmer than the rest of the room. So, if you’re a perfectionist when it comes to room heating, you might be dissatisfied with the services provided by such systems.
  • Due to the system of air passage, the pressure and flow of air in the room is often affected. This might lead to improper heating and discomfort.
  • To attain optimum efficiency, this kind of system requires a tightly sealed room. Any cracks or vents may cause the heated air to escape, lowering the system’s efficiency. Hence, you would need the right assistance while installing the ducted heating system.

Thus, a gas ducted heating system is ideal for use in environments where the oscillation between hot and cold temperatures is extreme. Today, a lot of companies’ manufacture heating systems are investing in the gas ducted heating system, because it relies on the renewable source of energy as its power source. So, conduct thorough research, compare available systems in the market and make a judicious choice of a heating system that will benefit you as well as impact the environment in a positive way.