The perfect pathway light will not only guide you safely in the dark but also provide a warm and inviting ambiance to the property. Apart from being practical they also add a touch of festivity and urge you to stay outdoors even after sunset.There are many variants of pathway lights available and picking the right one for your property can be mind-boggling. The right kind of path lights should be functional and have aesthetic appeal. Order Hunza path lights to add sophistication and efficiency to your property. Follow the tips provided here to get the most out of your path lights in terms of both function and appearance.

Pick Your Focal Point

We suggest that you walk around your landscape and pathway during the day and night a few times to pick key areas that you want to highlight. It could be a majestic palm or a stoic oak tree, or even a water feature. These will form the main visual attractions in your outdoor area. Using a downward pointing path lights that lead up to the feature that you want to attract attention to. The feature itself can be highlighted using a spotlight pointed toward it.

Path Lights

Path Lights

Placement Is Key

The distance between lights can make all the difference in the way your outdoor area looks. Placing the lights too close will create a continuous streak of illumination and will end up in using more power. Instead, place the light fixtures at least ten feet apart in case you are using small lights and twenty feet apart if you are using large lights. This will provide an interplay of light and shadow and will attract attention from one structure to the next.

Focus On The Destination

The pathway usually leads to the front door or back door of your house. It becomes the point of transition from the outdoor to the indoor. So, it becomes essential that you use proper lights to create a warm and inviting atmosphere at the destination.

If there are steps at the door, using step lights will help avoid tripping and increase the overall appeal of the pathway.

Place the Light into the Landscape Next to the Pathway

Instead of placing the light fixtures on the edge of the pathway, place it in the landscape next to the path. This will illuminate the path and its edges thus guiding users. It will also provide a softer, warmer glow thus giving the effect of natural lighting.

Order Hunza path lights that give you some spread. This way, you can illuminate a larger area on the pathway and the landscape and save on the number of light fixtures you install.

Planned Disorder

When installing pathway lights, the obvious thought is to follow the path. But, if you want to create a peek-a-boo effect, we suggest that you place a few lights closer to the pathway and a few further into the landscape. Since the pathway is generally smooth and relatively easy to navigate. This means that you don’t need to light up every inch of the pathway.

By placing a few lights along the pathway and a few into the landscape, you will create a light and dark effect that will create intrigue. Also, it will help avoid the look of an airport runway. This will also reduce the number of fixtures you need to install as you will be utilizing the spread of each fixture to the fullest.

Maintenance Can Be Cumbersome

Outdoor lighting requires that the lens be clean. Over time, dust and other debris will build up in the lens and it is suggested that you clean it every few days to get the best results. A well-maintained light fixture will give the highest level of illumination, depending on its size, and will be energy efficient.

The kind of light fixtures you pick becomes important. While fancy-looking fixtures are appealing, maintenance can be difficult as the lens may not be easily accessible. It is best to pick lights that are easy to clean and maintain.

Call In the Experts

Using landscape lighting experts can help you not only beautify your pathway but make the most of your pathway lights. They will canvas the landscape and make suggestions on the kind of fixtures and the placement.

This is a one-time investment you can make for getting huge savings in the long-run. So, get online and find the closest landscape lighting experts now.

You have probably invested a whole lot of time, money, and effort into designing your property. The path lights that you install should give your money’s worth by adding a welcoming aura to your property. They also allow you to highlight certain aspects of your property to create a captivating appeal. Make sure that you order path lights that are practical and beautiful at the same time.