pool maintenance tips

Swimming pools are an important part of a house. Everyone loves to have a dip in the pool especially in summers and springs. And the people who love to swim would do it all over the year. You can keep your swimming pool clean by following the proper pool maintenance tips.

Swimming is a really beneficial hobby and exercise. It is not only a really great source of fun but it has immense health benefits. It is the greatest cardio exercise which is suitable for people of every age. This article will discuss some pool maintenance tips that you need to implement right now.

how to keep the pool clean and healthy

This whole-body workout is great to keep your heart rate up while shedding off the stress from your body. Your whole body tones up gradually when you make swimming a constant part of your daily routine.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Anyways, to have the best swimming experience, you need to have a great swimming pool available to you. Swimming pools that are used regularly by many people of a home can then long for attention.

So just like any other thing in the world, swimming pools also require maintenance. They also face issues and become unfunctional.

If your swimming pool is showing issues then you need to know that you are not paying heed to the well-being of your swimming pool, which is consequently affecting your swimming routine.

Change In The Color Of The Pool

A healthy and usable swimming pool should have a clear blue color. If the color of the pool has changed from clear blue to musky greenish then restrain from swimming in that pool.

Such a pool is full of algae. Swimming is an algae-infected pool is harmful to your health. An algae infected pool is also an indication of the fact that your pool is lacking in the chlorine levels. In such a case, hire a pool maintenance service immediately and get the pool cleaned.

Also, maintain the chlorine levels of the pool to avoid further algae growth in the future.

Excessive Chlorine

Just like the lack of chlorine can be harmful, the excessive chlorine level in your swimming pool can also be equally harmful.
Swimming in the water which is high in its chlorine levels would affect the underwater clarity. Moreover, you will start getting an eye allergy or irritation.

The only accurate way to check the chlorine level of your swimming pool is by getting it measured by a professional pool maintenance company. Get a correct measure and then adjust the chlorine levels accordingly.

Clogged Pool Filters

When a pool is not cleaned regularly or perfectly, the pool filter becomes clogged. in such a case, the water circulation disturbs.

When the pool is not cleaned, the solid things like leaves, dirt and other stuff make its way to the filter and it gets clogged. Resultingly, the pool filter stops working and water does not circulate, making the pool water even dirtier.

Poor Circulation Of Water

When the pool water is not circulated rightly, it is itself a big problem because it makes the pool completely unfunctional. The water becomes un-swimmable and the whole swimming pool system goes bonkers.

The common reasons behind the disturbed circulation of water in a swimming pool are clogged pool filter, blown-out fuse, hole in airline or an electrical issue.

It is really important to keep your pool maintained if you do not want to disturb your swimming routine and do not want to lose hold of the immense benefits of swimming.

Pool Maintenance Tips

In order to keep your pool working all around the year and never miss out on any swimming day then you need to make a maintenance routine for your swimming pool.

Make daily, weekly and monthly pool maintenance plans and stick to it. This will make you aware of any issue already present in the swimming pool and will help you prevent any issue which can arise in the future.

  1. Check the Water Level Of the Pool daily.
  2. Always check the pump and filler of the pool.
  3. Make sure to use proper fencing around the pool.
  4. Check pH and Chlorine Levels.
  5. Make Sure that the pool gets intensively cleaned at least once in a week.
  6. Also, check the total level of alkalinity weekly.
  7. Properly trim the trees if you have any around the pool.
  8. Ensure that the pool filter is cleaned perfectly on a monthly basis.
  9. Shock the pool monthly.
  10. Check Calcium and Cyanuric Acid in the pool.

However, check out the best services for pool cleaning in Las Vegas if you are too busy to do the pool maintenance routine yourself. I hope these pool maintenance tips will help you out in properly maintaining your swimming pool.