quartz worktops colours

People have been willing to spend their money to make their homes look beautiful, inside out. Gone are the days when you get to choose, only from a set of the same old two monotonous colours. As quartz worktops colours are made artificially, they can be made in a plethora of colours as per your wish and liking. People are spending large sums over customizing the colour of worktops to make their working and living experience better.



The crystallization of molten magma forms quartz. It is a hard, erosion-resistant mineral that makes it apt for a variety of uses.

While Quartz the mineral is naturally made, Quartz worktops colors are human-made. The coloured worktops are made of finely ground natural quarts, then pressed into slabs and are adhered with resin. Engineered quartz is 90 per cent natural mineral Quartz, 8 per cent resin and 2 per cent of other pigments (colour pigments).



1. Wide Range Of Colors

Since it is a man-made material, you can customize and choose quartz worktops colours to your heart’s content. You get a wide range of designs to pick among as well, and the finishing is rich and luxurious!


2. Durability

Quartz worktops have the same strength as granite or marble worktops. It won’t be wrong to say that they are better than granite and marble worktops because of its chemical properties. The countertops are durable and chemical resistant. The resin present in Quartz makes it non-porous, which makes it easier for maintenance and cleaning.

As stated earlier, the addition of resin makes it completely hard-wearing and low maintenance. The low porosity makes it a hygienic and cleanliness friendly option. It also resists staining of any kind.


3. Great Investment

We enlisted quartz countertops as a good investment because:

  • it is long-lasting
  • Is a hygienic and low maintenance option
  • Comes in a great variety of colours
  • Is quite popular in today’s times


In this article we have shortlisted 5 quartz worktops colours, that would set your mood right and help you work in the swing!

1. Passionate Red:

Red is the colour of passion. It adds gravity and heightened awareness to those who live closer to it. The same qualities are present in the read quartz worktops, and they give you décor a firm grip to these elements along with a sense of awakening. People also choose red Quartz for the scratch-resistant look it provides to the platform. Worktops are prone to damages and blemishes these dark coloured worktops suppresses the blots and makes the vibrant colour of the quartz look prominent.


2. Poised Green:

Green is considered to be the most balanced of all the colours. It lends in the air of stability, and for nature lovers, the colour is always in demand. People choose a different shade of greens along with the pre-existing carnelian shade of Quartz to provide them something fresh to the visuals. Green is the most popular of all the quartz shade available in the market along with its sister colours. The colour also has a transparent variant in the form of quartz stone and is often considered the most precious of all the décor material used.


3. Calm Blue:

Blue is the colour of calm and serenity as it inspires a feeling of security and safety. The blue in the case of coloured worktops supports the semiformal nature of the area. If a person who is more into the aesthetics and revolutionary art, then blue and its different shades are there to furnish his walls, floors, and worktops.


4. Classy Black:

The colour black is timeless. It suits everything and adds a sense of class wherever and whenever. It is the best colour for an office Worktops, as it encourages formality. The worktops made out of shiny black quartz have always been in trend because of its luster and class. The edgy yet polished look it provides to the area it is fitted into is unmatched.


5: Pure White:

White is the purest of all colours. It denotes the feeling of innocence and goodness places needing a calm and serene air around them often sport white Quartz as its prime focus. The options available in white is immense, with each shade, adding extra charm to your patios and galleries. People living near the oceans or a beach person are usually more attracted to the stark-white quartz material for home-furnishing. The boho look an all-white platform provides to your Quartz worktops is one of its kind sporting the glitz and glamour at once.